Balancing openings

Balancing refers to making a non-pass call to prevent passing out. For an opening, this means opener is at the 4th seat.

Since there is no more opponent to preempt, aggressive preempts are pointless. As a consequence, except 4♠ and 4, there are no more openings from 3NT on.

Weak 2s

The weak 2s are still preemptive, which shows < 12 HCP and 6+ cards. However, a balancing weak 2 shows more offensive values than other seats.

12+ points
Both vulnerable
11+ points
None vulnerable
10+ points
9+ points

Why not play strong 2s for the balancing seat? Weak 2s greatly avoid shitty auctions like 1-1NT; 2-3; pass.

Preemptive 3s

Opening 3 of a suit shows 7+ cards and requires opening offensive values (13+ points) but no opening defensive values (< 12 HCP).

Signoff 4 & 4♠

These two are the only openings beyond 3NT because major games are so profitable. They now stand for 4 and 4♠ openings with 12+ HCP.

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