Lebensohl 2NT over 1NT opening shows an invitational hand which both double and pass ill describe.

Lebensohl is an ambiguous competitive convention. Lebensohl is active when the only bid from opponents is 2 of a suit. In this case, playing 2NT is infeasible because opponent contracts usually go down if we can make 2NT. Therefore, it is reasonable to give up the possibility to stop at 2NT. The 2NT becomes forcing to effectively duplicate 3-level bidding space.

Unlike others, our Lebensohl over 1NT opening always shows invitational values and can be made with a 4-card suit. Continuations are somewhat different from the outside as a result. Wbridge5 found it okay to bid a 4-card suit at 3-level via Lebensohl with invitational values because opener has the chance to correct the final strain.

This novel approach makes good use of nonforcing bids and finally creates a Lebensohl variant comparable to Rubensohl. Rubensohl is based on transfers, which makes it perfect for 5-card suits. Our method allows competition with 4-card suits like a Lebensohl over weak 2.

Opener's rebids

Relay, the default rebid
3, 3♠
Nonadverse suit with 5+ cards

Second responses to 3♣

Consider calls other a than new suit only if clubs is the highest longest biddable nonadverse suit. These suitless calls (pass, cuebid, 3NT) make premature decisions before opener reacts.

3 of a new suit
4+ cards
Invite to 3NT with this suit unstopped

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